What Pokémon GO Has Done To The World In Less Than 7 Days

It has already overtaken Tinder.

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By now, you've probably heard of 'Pokémon GO', the phenomenon that's taking over the world by storm

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'Pokémon GO' is a free augmented reality game for iOS and Android smart devices in which players must physically move around the real world in order to capture Pokémon, which are fantastical creatures from the ever-popular video game and anime franchise of the same name.

The game which was released on 6 July is currently constrained to the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Word has it that it would release in more countries, including Malaysia, later this month.

While 'Pokémon GO' is only out in a few countries for less than a week, the game’s astonishing success is already having a massive impact far and wide. How massive, though? Let's take a look:

1. The game went to the top of the App Store charts in less than 5 hours after going live

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The free-to-play game went live the evening of 6 July in the US and it performed a quick attack to get to No. 1 on the download charts in less than 5 hours.

On Android, the numbers are perhaps even more remarkable, with tracking firm Similar Web reporting that the app was installed on a staggering 5.16 percent of all Android devices in the United States.

2. Nintendo's stock price has soared by a staggering 24.52%

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The game which is owned by Nintendo has singlehandedly help raised the company's stock price by 24.52% at the time of writing. The current stock price marks the highest Nintendo’s stock has been in over half a year, after years of poor sales of the Wii U console.

3. The game is about to beat Twitter’s number of daily active users

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Twitter, the third most popular social networking site, currently pulls in about 310,000,000 unique monthly users.

“Over 60 percent of those who have downloaded the app in the U.S. are using it daily, meaning around 3 percent of the entire U.S. Android population are users of the app,” according to SimilarWeb, a global market intelligence company used by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide.

“This metric, which we refer to as Daily Active Users, has put 'Pokémon GO' neck and neck with Twitter and, in a few more days, 'Pokémon GO' will likely have more Daily Active Users than the well-established social network.

4. Cops and kids are playing the game together in the streets

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According to this Reddit thread, user CodyE36 took a photo of a group of friends playing the game with a group of cops who were on night patrol duties. Considering the hostility between the police and public in the US, it's great to see how a mobile game can bring people together.

5. Speaking of bringing people together, players are meeting strangers and making new friends by the dozen

A group of 'Pokémon GO' players

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Reddit user Bableg and his friends tried to lure more Pokémons to a park, but instead, it brought together people who've never met each other before. They've exchanged numbers and will be collecting and battling Pokémons together.

6. It’s literally giving people reason to go outdoors and improving their mental health

Some players have taken to Twitter to praise the impact the game has had on their mental health since its release. Many players have said the game gives them an incentive to go outside, where the combination of exercise and spending time outdoors is doing wonders for their brain. Good for them!

7. This lucky guy's house turned into a Pokémon gym and he decided to roll with it

Image via Boon Sheridan

Boon Sheridan woke up to find that the hugely popular augmented reality game had decided that his house was one of the game’s important gyms. That means that people are rewarded for coming to it in real life – resulting in what he said was dozens of people outside his door. But Sheridan was kind enough to let people battle outside his place.

He even took a photo of the gym owner!

8. Businesses are tailoring their marketing around the game

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This clothing store got into the spirit of the game by saying, “Come get your PokéBalls and previously rocked threads. Gotta catch ‘em all in style!” That’s bound to leave a positive impression and get people talking.

With the overwhelming media attention this game is getting, the store is certainly getting some exposure in the press.

9. The game has inadvertently led users down disturbing path as well, like stumbling upon a dead body

Shayla Wiggins

Image via Shayla Wiggins

In Wyoming on 8 July, the game led a teenager to a dead body in a river. “I just got up and went for my little walk, a walk to catch Pokémon,” 19-year-old Shayla Wiggens said.

The pursuit led her to a highway bridge over the river, where she jumped a fence to approach the water. She spotted two deer near the water’s edge, and then a corpse lying prone in the water.

10. Armed robbers are using the game to lure victims

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The teens, whose ages range from 16 to 18, are suspected to be behind 10 to 11 armed robberies in St. Louis and St. Charles counties in which they allegedly used the app to bait victim.

“The way we believe (the app) was used is you can add a beacon to a Pokéstop to lure more players,” the police department said in a Facebook statement.

It remains to be seen if 'Pokémon GO' will have the staying power like this once the game launches worldwide. For now, it’s clear that Pokémon fever is back and hotter than ever, and we can’t see the fervency and nostalgia fizzling anytime soon.

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Everyone wants to catch em' all!

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