Police Warns Man Who Pulled Over In Highway To Play Pokémon GO On 8 Different Phones

He just had to catch 'em all.

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Police in the United States recently gave a man a warning after he was caught playing Pokémon GO on eight different phones on a highway

According to CNN, the man pulled over onto the shoulder of Highway 518 in Burien, Washington to play the game. 

Sergeant Kyle Smith noticed the car parked at the side of the highway and pulled up to check on the driver. 

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When the cop approached the car, he was surprised to find the driver busy playing Pokémon GO on not one, not two but eight different phones

According to Mashable, the driver had laid out his phones on a blue phone holder made out of foam. 

The foam phone holder was even customised. Each hole on the foam was carved to fit for each smartphone.

As the man was not caught playing the game while driving, Sgt Kyle did not give him a ticket

The cop, however, did warn the man to put his phones away in the back seat and continue driving as he was not permitted to park at the shoulder of the highway unless it was an emergency.

Speaking of Pokémon GO craze, this Taiwanese grandpa was recently made Asus Brand Ambassador after he went viral for carrying around a rig of 21 phones so he could play the game:

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