Viral Taiwanese 'Pokémon GO' Grandpa Is Now An Asus Brand Ambassador

70-year-old Chen San-Yuan has upgraded his handlebar rig to fit 21 phones.

Cover image via readball on Reddit/Apple Daily (Edited by SAYS)

A Taiwanese grandpa who went viral for carrying around a rig of 11 phones so he could play 'Pokémon GO' may have just reached his final evolution

In August 2018, 70-year-old Chen San-Yuan made international headlines for his creative bicycle setup - which involved a rig that could hold multiple smartphones at once.

Image via readball/Reddit

It started with six phones, but grew to 11 phones, and most recently, 21 phones.

You might think that cycling around with 21 phones is the final evolution, but no.

Introducing Asus' latest ambassador:

The local celebrity was named the ambassador for Asus' ZenFone line. 

According to Mashable Southeast Asia, Chen appeared onstage to talk about the ZenFone Max Pro M2.  

Now his 21-phone handlebar rig is a walking Asus promotion

Image via Apple Daily
Image via Siliconera

Guess we'll just need to wait and see if this is his final form!

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