Gamers Worldwide To Unite In 24-Hour Charity Livestream In Honour Of Christchurch Victims

One of the victims, Atta Elayyan, was a well-respected member of the New Zealand gaming community.

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Gamers around the world are coming together for a Twitch livestream to support all victims of the Christchurch terrorist attacks

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Titled 'Aroha for NZ', the 24-hour international charity stream event aims to honour the memory of all those killed in the attacks, a statement to SAYS read.

All proceeds from the stream will go towards the families of the victims.

'Aroha' is a Maori word that means "complete love and support".

The charity stream event was conceptualised by Kiwi streamer 'Solitaire YTG' with assistance from Goto.Game's Phid McAwesome

"When the news broke of the attack, everyone's reaction was shock," said 'Solitaire', also known as Mike.

"We are all deeply affected by this, but none more so than the victims' families and the people of Christchurch. We have to react and do something, anything, to help and to show love against hate."

Mike added, "There are people within the gaming community who have a voice that is heard when they speak, so I reached out to Phid first, then made a Twitter video post. People approached in droves to show support for the stream."

In particular, the organisers hope to honour Atta Elayyan, one of the victims who was also a well-respected member of their community

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According to Daily Esports, the 33-year-old was a legend in the country's 'Counter-Strike' scene, having been part of it since 2002. He played under the handle "crazyarab".

Elayyan was also the goalkeeper for New Zealand's futsal team and was the chief executive of technology consultancy LWA Solutions, which he founded in 2010, reported BBC.

The public can tune in to the 'Aroha for NZ' stream on Saturday, 30 March

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"We want to ensure that this stream is nothing but Aroha for those affected, the victims, their whanau (family), and the people of our homeland of Aotearoa (Maori word for "New Zealand")," said co-organiser Phid.

Find out more about 'Aroha for NZ' on the official website or follow the Twitch stream here.

The Christchurch terrorist attacks have brought out the humanity in people around the world:

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