9-Year-Old Boy Gives Up Birthday Present So He Could Buy Flowers For Christchurch Victims

Mourners around the world have been laying down flower bouquets at mosques to honour the victims.

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The terrorist attacks in Christchurch have shocked New Zealanders and people around the world, resulting in tributes to the victims in various ways

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Mourners have been laying flowers at Masjid al Noor and Linwood Masjid following the incident, prompting many around the world to do the same at their nearest mosques, reported TIME.

In fact, Stuff NZ reported that the high demand for flowers had stripped florists, supermarkets, dairies, garages, and the local flower market of all available supply.

The movement has certainly struck a chord with one young birthday boy in New Zealand

On 17 March, a Facebook user by the name of 'Samuel Sen' shared a heartwarming story about his son who had just turned nine years old.

Samuel Sen's son, Darsh. Photo has been pixelated to protect his privacy.

Image via Samuel Sen/Facebook

"I normally don't post but I had to today," he wrote, adding a birthday greeting for his son, Darsh.

"I was going to surprise him with a gift which he wanted for his birthday which was a laptop but he surprised me. I asked him today while going to buy it, I asked him 'What do you want for your birthday' [and] he said 'flowers'," Samuel related.

Amused and also confused, Samuel asked his son why he wanted to get flowers

"[B]ecause I want to take it to the mosque and pay my respects to the people who died in Christchurch," replied Darsh.

Darsh's answer had shocked Samuel into silence, "After moment of silence I asked him 'what about the laptop you wanted for so long' [and] he said 'Dadda you can donate that money to people who need it more in Christchurch, they need it more and I can use your laptop for now'."

Darsh's innocent and heartless gesture earned him over 2,700 birthday wishes from around the world

You are a true inspiration to all of us, Darsh!

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Over 50 people were killed in a terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand last week: