[POLL] How Extra Is Your Mandi Routine Compared To The Average Malaysian?

The average shower lasts 8 minutes. How long you mandi, hmm?

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For some people, showering is just a small part of their everyday routine. For others, it's a whole event on it's own.

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Did you know that the average shower lasts 8 minutes? It turns out, many people in other parts of the world don't even shower every day.

But what is it like in Malaysia?

Jom, let's see just how extra your mandi routine is compared to other Malaysians!

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So, is your mandi routine extra or simple?

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The new range includes two variants for different skin types

For sensitive skin:
The Soothing variant is made with Lotus Flower and helps draw out impurities with mild surfactants.

For acne-prone skin:
The Detox variant is made with Green Tea; it soothes and purifies by removing trapped dirt and sebum.

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