Malaysian Returning From Abroad Shares Quarantine Experience In Series Of Funny Posts

2020 summed up.

Cover image via Bruce (Provided to SAYS)

A Malaysian guy named Bruce, who returned from studying abroad, recently took to Instagram to share his experience in quarantine

After he and several others reached the airport, they went through a swab test, and the necessary procedures before getting on a bus to their hotel.

In a series of Instagram Stories, Bruce posted photos of his hotel room and said that he felt happy because it looked pretty nice

He explained that if you book the standard package, your hotel will be automatically assigned to you.

"I've seen mixed reviews in a Facebook quarantine support group, so I kinda expected the worst, but secretly hoped that I get a good hotel. It really depends on luck haha. We all pay the same amount (RM2,100), but some people get 4-5 star hotels like Hilton, Impiana KLCC, Dorsett Grand Subang, Four Points by Sheraton, etc (these people really enjoyed their quarantine period). While some people get not so great hotels," he shared with SAYS.

As he progressed through the day, however, he realised things weren't quite what they seemed.

It started with the TV.

When he switched it on, a low-resolution video promoting the hotel appeared. Low-quality TV channels are pretty typical in most budget hotels.

But what was funny was that an error message appeared smack in the middle of the screen throughout the video.

Thinking that it might've just been issues with that particular channel, he switched to another.

But he discovered that every channel, unfortunately, had a loud buzzing noise in the background.

Telling himself that he probably won't be watching much TV anyway, he decided to set up his workspace – only to discover that... his chair had stains all over it

And there were also some 'strange' stains on the toilet floor and mat

Keeping his spirits high, Bruce went on to say that "it doesn't matter as long as the toilet fulfils its main function, right?"

He thought he'd seen the worst. But then something else took the icing on the cake... the sink's tap.

The tap couldn't fully open because of the mirror that was strategically installed right above it.

Then he tried to take a shower but before he could shampoo his head, it began to flood

Bruce explained that the shower water pressure wasn't even strong for it to flood that way.

In fact, the toilet's water pressure was so low that he said he needed to flush the toilet bowl three times.

Over the course of the night, Bruce shared more hilarious hotel mishaps, such as the uneven flooring which he called 'art', the extremely slow Internet connection, and his dinner with three small pieces of chicken

The TV was mounted to the wall, blocking access to the ports.

Image via Bruce (Provided to SAYS)

The following day, he tried to make tea but found that the cup had remnants of a dark past

Aside from that, the other quarantined people in the same hotel shared in a WhatsApp group how they were struggling to peel their breakfast eggs.

And someone even sent a video on ways to peel an egg.

Unsure of what the fuss was about, he soon discovered that he too struggled to peel the egg.

According to Google, he said that it could've been because the egg was too 'fresh'.

"I thought it was really funny because NOTHING was going well, so I decided to document my whole experience on Instagram to share with my friends. And I also wanted my friends to experience what I was going through," he told SAYS.

It wasn't all that bad though. Bruce shared that some meals were actually pretty tasty. And the hotel staff were really trying their best to meet their needs.

After being told that he couldn't switch rooms because the hotel was full, the hotel sent someone to fix the drain.

Bruce explained that the same guy also helped him unmount his TV so that he could plug in his HDMI cable. And the hotel told him to switch to a different network for better WiFi speed.

Jokes aside, Bruce shared that he was grateful to have arrived back safely. Despite everything else, he added that the staff were really friendly and helpful.

"Like for example the WiFi, it's not really something they can do but they still came to our room and see what they could do... Shoutout to the staff for doing their best."

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