[PHOTOS] Guy Makes Low-Budget Lockdown Meals Look Super Extra

Cheap but make it art.

Cover image via Jadey Ezekiel Detera/Facebook

Being under quarantine is no problem for Manny Detera, who has been making the most of his time by getting creative in the kitchen

In a Facebook post on 21 April, the 42-year-old Filipino, also known as Jadey Ezekiel Detera, shared photos of how he makes budget meals look like you're eating at a fine dining restaurant.

His post has since garnered over 42,000 shares.

With just a can of sardine or tuna and a little bit of finesse, Jadey shows that you can make almost any meal look gourmet

He gives the dishes witty captions, like this for example, which he called 'Sardines a la Menthe' to make it sound like a French dish.

Jadey shared with SAYS that his family was getting bored eating relief goods, so he started adding a twist to the canned foods and simple cheap meals by plating them as the restaurants do

He makes these meals for his parents and six nephews who are under his care right now.

Since the locals love their beauty contests, Jadey said that he dressed this 'tinapa' (cheap smoked fish) in a 'National costume'.

Image via Jadey Ezekiel Detera/Facebook

He's no chef but this guy sure has some food plating skills up his sleeve.

This plate of instant ramen went from looking like a RM3 to RM50 meal in a matter of seconds.

However, he revealed that each meal costs only 10 pesos each (roughly RM1) and takes him about five to 10 minutes to prepare.

Regular spaghetti and sweet potato won't cut it. He takes it up a notch by adding garnishings like fresh flowers and leaves.

With just sausages and sauces, Jadey's plating skills instantly makes it look extra AF.

Even his desserts are on point

Jadey made a local banana dessert, that cost him only one peso and fifty cents, look expensive. And he turned regular store-bought cupcakes into a fancy dessert.

After going viral with his creations, Jadey shared a video on YouTube showing his newfound fans how he plates his meals.

Check out his full post here:

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