This Malaysian Went Viral After He Turned His Quarantine Meals Into Gourmet Ones

The video featuring his food creations has already gone viral, with over 5,600 views.

Cover image via Terry K (Provided to SAYS)

Whether it's gardening, room makeovers, or cooking, many of us have picked up new hobbies while under the different Movement Control Orders

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One man in particular has gone viral for making the most out of his simple meals while under quarantine

Terry K, or also known as TerryCooks, returned to Malaysia from Australia late in July.

He soon found himself quarantined in a hotel where he was served portions of rice, chicken, and a side of vegetables for 14 days.

Bored, Terry decided to replate his food, creatively using spare plastic containers as moulds to shape the rice.

With a penknife, he even sliced up a couple of fresh carrots and radishes he had on hand to garnish the dish.

Can you believe this was the result?

Image via Terry K (Provided to SAYS)

This is another creation of his under hotel quarantine.

Image via Terry K (Provided to SAYS)

In an effort to cheer up others under quarantine, the 28-year-old decided to compile his creations in a YouTube video

Upon sharing the video in a WhatsApp group of other individuals staying at the same hotel, Terry found that their spirits were immediately lifted.

The amusing four-minute video, titled 'A Chef Bored In Hotel Quarantine 2020', has already been viewed over 5,600 times

And people had nothing but great things to say about it!

When shared in the Malaysia Quarantine Support Group (MQSG) on Facebook, commenters were floored by Terry's food art and his can-do spirit.

In an interview with SAYS, he relayed there weren't any negative comments so far.

People have had questions about what happens to the leftover food. To which Terry laughed and said, "The plating is just for the video. Afterwards, I put everything into one bowl and finish it all up, even if it's cold."

But here's the kicker: Terry is not a chef.

Well, not professionally anyways.

In fact, he's a hospitality graduate who has spent the last three years travelling the globe as an outdoor instructor and guide.

However, Terry does have a background in the culinary world as his first job was as a line cook in TGI Fridays when he was just 17 years old. Later, he went on to manage a jazz club.

Despite leaving the food industry to pursue his dreams, Terry said, "I've always kept my culinary escapades quite near to me. Whenever I travel, I don't really miss local food all that much as I've got the recipes in mind. So I can cook them wherever I am."

Wherever he goes, the aspiring YouTuber loves sharing Malaysian flavours with those he meets along the way

"[Cooking] is a really great way to make friends," Terry tells us.

To our surprise, he's found that most people are very open to trying our local delicacies.

"They're just blown away by all the flavours and spices!"

His go-to meal when globetrotting? Most definitely curries!

This is especially the case when garlic, onions, chilis, ginger, chicken stock, and coconut milk are readily available.

Beyond plating though, Terry is a firm believer of cooking with care

Speaking of the uplifting qualities of food, the young Malaysian told us, "It's very holistic. Food is not just something you taste and enjoy, but it makes you feel better."

"Treat every single ingredient with respect so that you don't destroy the integrity of the ingredient."

He says that quarantine is the perfect time to know where your food comes from.

Observing the fast-paced nature of city life, Terry noted that Malaysians often want yummy, quick, and cheap meals

However, those meals may not necessarily be the best for us.

Terry is hoping to eventually change that mentality with his YouTube channel, showing everyone how we can begin to really respect the food we eat.

Aside from that, he is looking to elevate the local flavours we all know and love. Terry has done just that with his second video where he takes street food and adds some magic to it.

We also got the inside scoop on his next video in which he challenges himself to "make something out of nothing" by turning the disappointing meal one person had while quarantined in a Subang hotel into something worth eating.

After the success of his first two videos, Terry has no plans of stopping so you can keep an eye out for any updates on his YouTube channel.

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