Dedicated Postman Gatecrashes Wedding To Get The Bride's Signature For Her Pos Laju Parcel

"When you want to get married, but Lazada has a sale."

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Malaysian couple Peny and Khairul were recently married.

What they probably never expected was for their wedding to go viral over an unexpected guest.

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During the couple's ceremony, a postman showed up asking for the bride's signature to collect her Pos Laju package

Here's the face of a dedicated postman:

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Fortunately for him, the newlyweds took the hilarious moment in stride and Peny happily signed for the package on the spot

She even posted photos and a video of the incident on her social media.

Meanwhile, netizens have chipped in with their own witty comments

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"When you want to get married, but Lazada has a sale."

Image via Reddit

One commentor even showed a picture of a similar case that supposedly took place in November 2014:

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