Redditors Are Roasting This Travel Influencer For Saying Singapore Is A Malaysian City

"China: Taiwan belongs to us! Malaysia: we can do that??"

Cover image via explorewithlora

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While Singapore was a Malaysian state from 16 September 1963 until it was expelled from the Federation on 9 August 1965, it seems the world, particularly the West, has not had a history refresher since then

In 2019, an American lifestyle portal under the Bustle Digital Group published an article titled "This Is The Most Expensive City In The World (No, It's Not Paris)", claiming that Singapore is part of Malaysia.

Similarly, in October last year, another portal by a travel influencer from the Canadian Province claimed that Singapore is "one of the most beautiful cities in Malaysia".

Time and again, people from the West keep referring to Singapore — the island city-state that isn't actually in Malaysia — as either part of Malaysia or a city in Malaysia.

Image via tenor

Over the week, a screenshot from the travel influencer's October article was posted on the popular r/Malaysia subreddit

What followed next could only be described as locals being savage

In the typical Malaysian sense, netizens took to roasting the travel influencer's poor geographical accuracy.

Like this redditor, who saw an opportunity to take a jibe at China's territorial Kerfuffle:

The redditors did not hold back

Of course, when we talk about Malaysia and Singapore, one has to bring up disputes over our dishes, right?

What are the chances though that the travel influencer is a time travel?

Could be, could be not

Image via tenor

Anyway, a while back, the BBC claimed that the Yee Sang we know and love today was created by four Singaporean chefs:

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