M’sian Delivery Rider Receives Cryptic Request To Throw A Bottle Into River Near Subang

The customer also asked that the rider recite holy verses.

Cover image via Lalamove/Soya Cincau & reiter-photo/Freepik

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Malaysians are no strangers to black magic, rituals, and curses.

Which is why this Lalamove delivery rider was thoroughly spooked by a customer's 'innocent' request.

In a screenshot posted to r/Malaysia on Reddit, a user shared an image of a Lalamove delivery rider receiving a request from a customer in Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur.

The request message begins with "read first", before asking the customer asks for the rider's help in throwing away an "old glass bottle with wrappings" into the river near Sunway Pyramid, assumed to be the Klang river.

The only requirement was that the rider is a Muslim who is well-versed in reading holy Quranic scriptures.

Netizens began coming up with theories for what might've been in the bottle, while joking about the absurdity of conducting black magic through Lalamove

One Twitter user joked that delivery service providers can now deliver santau, or black magic curses, poisons, djinns, calling it #GrabSihir or #GrabWitchcraft.

"To be fair, it's more like a service to get rid of someone else's santau," another user poked back.

Image via Twitter
Image via GIPHY

In the same vein, another user hypothesised that the customer could've gone to throw it away themself, but that the curse can return to whoever threw the bottle away. 

"Don't get involved," they warned.

A reddit user guessed it could've been a toyol — an undead infant — in the bottle. 

Image via Twitter
Image via Reddit

One Twitter user recounted a creepy personal tale.

"I once went to throw away some stuff in the river, but the preacher told me early on that after I threw it away, I should come back immediately. After I did it, I felt like I heard a voice asking for help," they said.

Image via Twitter

"We're so modern that we throw away ghosts using Lalamove," an amused Redditor said.

"If you want to order a bomoh you can also do it on Shopee," another person quipped back.

Image via Reddit

A different user joked that their expectations for 2020 were flying cars, but the sad Malaysian reality was throwing away spirits through Lalamove.

Image via Reddit

Anyway, it's probably nothing... right?

Image via GIPHY

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