Mall In Singapore Reuses Mascot By Turning It Into Bunny With 4 Ears For CNY


Cover image via Chinatown Point (Facebook)

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Festival decorations can be damaging to the environment, especially if they just get thrown away after one use.

But one mall in Singapore has come up with a way to minimise wastage.

With the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations, Chinatown Point has set up otter mascots dressed in Chinese New Year ensembles.

However, some of the otters have been spotted disguised as rabbits... with four ears

Dressed in a pink qipao, the 'imposter' might fool some at first glance, but from the back, it's pretty obvious that it's an otter with a long tail sticking out of its outfit

These otter mascots first went viral in 2021 when they appeared to cosplay as oxen to commemorate the Year of the Ox

Year of the Ox.

Image via Mothership.SG

People pointed out that the 'oxen' had looked like they were reused from the previous year's mascots, which were presumably rats for the Year of the Rat. Only this time, they had additional horns and nose rings made to resemble oxen.

In response to the confusion, Chinatown Point eventually told Shin Min Daily News that they were neither rats nor oxen, but actually otters. The mall added that they chose otters as their mascots as they are well-loved creatures by Singaporeans.

"As part of our efforts to support recycling, the localised otter mascots have been made such that they can be adapted for a number of campaigns. To tie-in with the CNY Year of the Ox, detachable elements such as horns and caps were added," they stated.

Year of the Ox.

Image via Shin Min Daily News/Mothership.SG

Year of the 'Rat'.

Image via Shin Min Daily News/Mothership.SG

According to the mall, local artists were commissioned to design these adorable otters. And since then, the mascots have been used on multiple occasions dressed as other animals. 

Here they were painted in stripes as tigers in 2022:

People have been loving these adorably versatile otters that they have now become a thing to look forward to

Not all CNY decorations have been receiving praise:

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