Zombie-Looking CNY Rabbit Decorations In Indonesia Just Unlocked A New Fear In Everyone

These rabbits need some eyedrops or holy water. Or both.

Cover image via ViralCham

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Rabbits are supposed to be cute, cuddly, and fluffy right?

Unfortunately, these Chinese New Year (CNY) rabbit decorations in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, look as if they just came out of the latest zombie film.

Instead of the typical cute, cartoonish eyes accompanied by an adorable smile that most CNY rabbit decorations have, these rabbit statues had red eyes that stare into your soul and dirty-brown buck teeth.

According to ViralCham, many netizens remarked that the rabbits look like zombies from the popular South Korean zombie film Train to Busan.

Some even joked that the rabbits may need some eyedrops for their red eyes.

Contrary to the disturbed netizens, some individuals claimed that there was nothing wrong with the design as rabbits' eyes are typically red anyway.

The scary rabbit decorations.

Image via ViralCham

It was revealed that the rabbit statues were set up at an open space in front of a coffee shop located at West Singkawang District, Kota Singkawang

Looks like the decoration organisers may need to revisit the design of these CNY rabbits, lest they frighten potential customers away from businesses in the area.

Image via ViralCham

Didn't realise rabbits could scare me this much:

This rabbit statue in Chinatown, Singapore also got called out by the public for its "compromising" position:

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