"Polite King Of The Road" — Myvi Driver Uses Laminated Paper Sign To Signal Changing Lanes

"Myvis are always full of surprises."

Cover image via 我们是马来西亚人 We are Malaysians (Facebook)

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Among some of the first things we learn once we start driving on the road is to have polite drivers etiquette, so as to not offend other Malaysians on the road

One Malaysian, in particular, seems to put this practice to use after finding a rather unique way of signalling to other cars when changing lanes.

Posted to the public Facebook group 我们是马来西亚人 We are Malaysians, a video of dashcam footage shows an undisclosed man rolling down his window to stick a sign out of the right side of his car. The sign, which is printed on a laminated piece of A4 paper, reads, in translation, "Please give way," with the pleading hands emoji.

Showing the sign as a means to shift into the right lane, the driver of the car behind him (and subsequently the owner of the dashcam footage) slows down and allows the driver to pass through.

Just before he moves in front of the car, the driver turns his sign around to reveal a "Thank you" message behind. Quite polite, indeed.

Tickled pink by the display, other Malaysians took to the comments section to express their take on the driver's choice to use a signboard as opposed to his car's signal system

A few Facebook users suggested that the man may have resorted to using a physical sign because the signal system in his car was faulty or malfunctioning. Others praised the man nonetheless. 

"It's a good idea, he's using a lot of caution and common sense."

Another user even stated how this reminded him of the old days, when hand signals were used more frequently on the road.

Nevertheless, a cheeky few couldn't help but find some humour in the entire situation. "Myvis are always full of surprises!" commented one user.

"His arm may get hit by a driver sooner or later," cautioned another user.

One user even made a joke about the man preferring to use a sheet of A4 paper as his signal instead of using the system in his car.

Watch the full 10-second feature posted on Facebook below:

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