Domino's Gives Cheeky Response To Website That Called Roti Canai An 'Asian Flat Croissant'

Well played.

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First off, Malaysians love their roti canai

It's warm, it's crispy, and it's an extremely popular breakfast in Malaysia.

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So when a recipe website recently called roti canai an 'Asian flat croissant', Malaysians were offended. Seriously offended.

On 23 February, Nyonya Cooking posted a Facebook photo of roti canai, calling it 'The Asian Flat Croissant', which quickly went viral.

Described as "a flatbread with Indian origins and is extremely loved in countries like Malaysia and Singapore", the photo also noted that it is "usually eaten with dhal, fish, or chicken curry, and sometimes served sweet with condensed milk, banana, or even chocolate cream".

It is understood that the people behind the website are a group of home cooks who share Southeast Asian recipes.

Naturally, Malaysians had a lot to say about the name

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Even Domino's Pizza cheekily jumped in and called their pizza the 'Italian Flat Naan' in a tweet today, 25 February.

Turns out that it was all meant to be a joke.

In the comments, Nyonya Cooking explained that they intentionally called it that for those who are unfamiliar with the food.

It also wrote that it was just a "marketing" strategy and that their website has the recipe with the correct name - roti canai.

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The perfect dish to go with crispy rendang perhaps? 

If you live overseas and all this talk about roti canai is making you hungry, here are popular spots to find your favourite Malaysian food:

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