Whose ‘Kookoobird’ Is This On The Loose?!

Which bird is faster?

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Chickaboo the ostrich running down the Federal Highway at 35km/h was and still is an epic sight to see. We could watch that video over and over again…

It was literally living life on the... fast lane.

The ostrich was being transported to a farm in Semenyih before it escaped from the open window of the vehicle and sprinted towards the highway at about 3pm on 16 June. It has been caught unharmed and returned back to Semenyih.

5 days after Chickaboo rose to stardom...

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A video uploaded by at around 5.50pm shows a life-sized chicken, named Kookoobird, running down the busy Federal Highway. At the time of writing, the video has gotten over 20k views and 1k shares.

But you've probably guessed it... it's nothing but a person wearing a life-sized chicken costume!

"Kookoobird, Y U risk your life like this?"

Still obsessed over 'Chickaboo'? More about everyone's favourite feathered friend:

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