Whose Runaway Ostrich Is This On The Federal Highway?!

" kept changing lanes without giving signal."

Cover image via Jeff Sandhu


The runaway ostrich's name is Chickaboo. Here's how it escaped!

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Image via bennyboy619

The ostrich was being transported when it jumped out of a truck in front of Universiti Malaya and sprinted towards the highway at about 3pm.

It has been caught unharmed and brought safely back to a farm in Semenyih, Malaysiakini reported.

Earlier reports on The Star and Malaysiakini named the ostrich 'Peekaboo', but had later been updated to 'Chickaboo'.

Yes, its name is Chickaboo!

The ostrich's owner who retrieved the bird said its name is 'Chickaboo'.

Additionally, Malaysiakini reported that Chickaboo will not be anyone's dinner, as the farm to which it belongs does not breed the birds for meat.

Here's how it all started...

It could have been a scene out of a movie, except that it wasn't!

Earlier today, 16 June, Malaysians on the Federal Highway were treated to an amusing sight of an ostrich sprinting on the fast lane.

And if running in the fast lane wasn't enough for the giant bird, according to motorists, it even changed lanes to avoid traffic. :D

The crazy sighting was filmed by Jeff Sandhu at around 3pm, near the Universiti LRT station:

Posted by Jeff Sandhu on Thursday, June 16, 2016

Jeff, while commenting on the video, also joked that: "The bugger is surely Malaysian cause it kept changing lanes without giving signal.. tsk tsk tsk"

Indeed, it was the 'Road Runner' in real life! ​* beep, beep *​

Image via Giphy

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