Chickaboo Beri Inspirasi Kepada 24 Syarikat Ini Untuk Hasilkan 'Brilliant Marketing'

Penangan Chickaboo memang dahsyat!

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1. Pos Malaysia Berhad

Patutlah kelam kabut dia lari dekat Federal Highway tu. Rupanya dia kejar masa, dia takut kaunter Pejabat Pos nak tutup. Nasib sempat uollss!

Untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai perubahan waktu operasi kaunter di pejabat pos,Pos Line & cawangan Pos Laju sepanjang bulan Ramadan, sila ke:-

Kaunter pejabat pos & Pos Line:
Pos Laju:

2. Huawei Mobile MY

Don’t let a great shot fly by!
Moving targets are not a "bird-en" with the Huawei P9’s speedy, laser sharp autofocus.
#‎RunOstrichRun‪#‎HuaweiP9‬ ‪#‎TheNewChoice‬


Demi kari, Lebuhraya Persekutuan sanggup Chickaboo rentasi. Cepat! jangan lambat. Nanti habis Serbuk Kari BABA’S.

4. Vivo Malaysia

Life in the fast lane? Even Chickaboo - the now famous Klang Valley ostrich, thinks that way!! You'll definitely need the V3 or V3Max in a rapid evolving life, because it's FASTER THAN FASTER!! No more peekaboos after this!!

P/S: In case some of you did not know, little Chickaboo has returned to its owner safely

#‎vivomalaysia‬ ‪#‎vivotions‪#‎V3‬ ‪#‎V3max‪#‎fasterthanfaster‪#‎chickaboo‬

5. Domino's Pizza Malaysia

Patutlah Chickaboo lari cepat sangat, nak balik berbuka kut. 2 Pizza Deals piza sederhana baru RM27 je. Korang nak jugak tak?
#‎runostrichrun‬‬ ‪#‎FederalHighway‪#‎Chickaboo‬

6. Digi

Image via Digi/Facebook

To all you guys rushing back home (especially those on the Federal Highway).
We hope you get to your destination safely. Selamat berbuka!

7. The Beer Factory

Chickaboo was rushing for happy hour!

8. Kilkenny Malaysia

Because of your mad rush hour dash, every other excuse we make for being late sounds totally possible.

Here's to you and Jeff Sandhu. Jeff, PM us your details and have a pint of Kilkenny on us! ‪#ItsAleGood‬

9. Optical 88 Malaysia

Did you manage to catch a glimpse of the running ostrich?!!
If not, you should get your eye check at any nearest Optical 88!!

10. Alcon Malaysia

Here is a little fun fact about the adorable Chickaboo who amused KL-ites yesterday. One thing for sure we are glad she is back safely. ☺

11. Gajen Comics

Image via Gajen/Facebook

The economy is quite bad. Typo: *This is an ostrich.

Photo snapshot credit - Jeff Sandhu

12. Spritzer+Fibre

So... how's your traffic situation this morning? ‪#‎TakeItEasy‬

And we're glad Peekaboo/Chickaboo is safely rescued!

13. Cosas United

Yup. The weekend is coming. Our luggage now has 8 wheels, it is as fast as Chickaboo. ‪#‎ostrich‬ ‪#‎runostrichrun‬ ‪#‎marketing‪#‎speed‬

14. tripgroupé.com

#‎ViralNow‬ @ ‪#‎Malaysia‬ :-‪#‎Chickaboo‬ a new celebrity from Malaysia a.k.a Naughty roadrunner. She is safe now!!
Our daily updated deals will make u run like #Chickaboo. Register now @

15. MGAG

Image via MGAG/Facebook


Proton has launched the first generation 2016 Proton Unta for sale in Malaysia. It is available in two variants: 2.0JANTAN and 2.0BETINA, and prices start at RM10,000 and RM12,000 respectively.

The launch of the new Proton Unta is in response to the Malaysian public’s demands for a more affordable and locally assembled option rather than a rebadge of international car brands.

A Proton spokesman, Mr Tong Sam Pa said, “Proton hopes that the launch of Unta will reaffirm the confidence of Malaysians in Proton to deliver homegrown offerings that are practical, stylish and fuel-efficient.” He also added that this new model will finally address the issue of malfunctioning power windows as the national carmaker has completely remove windows altogether.

The new Unta seats one or two very skinny passengers comfortably and boasts a top speed of over 70km/h. Currently there is only one colour option available: African Brown which is a great choice for drivers who do not wash their vehicles very often.

Faster go and buy.

16. Chevrolet Malaysia

Speeding past our 100,000th Facebook fan mark, we’d like to thank all our Chevrolet Malaysia fans for the constant loyal support!

17. Daisy Sehebat Chef

Agak agak kalau korang teka.. apa jawapannya? ‪#‎KuihApaNi‬ ‪#‎Daisy‬ ‪#‎runostrichrun‪#‎Chickaboo‬

18. Wonderlist Property

Running to find a new house? Use Wonderlist Property!!

19. ezbuy Malaysia

Ahhh our delivery team just as fast as the cutie Chickaboo, just like her run as fast as she can.

All means to get your parcel speedy delivery on time and safety arrive your house ☺
#RunOstrichRun #Chickaboo #ezbuy

20. J&Y Productions

So who is faster?

21. Servis Hero

Have you seen the fugitive Ostrich bolting down the Federal highway in KL today? We were alerted by a few users asking us to come to its rescue – but our Heroes haven’t spotted it yet, have you? ‪#‎totherescue‬ read more about it here:

22. CIMB Malaysia

Now we know what Chickaboo was running for! Pay only RM1 for selected items at participating restaurants using CIMB Bank Cards.

Hurry, promo ends 15 August 2016! Full list of participating outlets here:

23. CatchThatBus

Kesian sesiapa yang macam si ‪#‎Chickaboo‬ kelam-kabut berlari nak cari tiket bas balik raya. Kan ada cara mudah? Gunalah CatchThatBus, pasti tak mencari lagi! ‪#‎JanganTakBalik‬ ya!

24. Pusat Pungutan Zakat

"PPZ Pungut, Baitulmal MAIWP agih"
Bersama kami menjayakan pengurusan zakat bersistematik demi memudahkan pembayar menunaikan zakat dan asnaf dapat disantuni dibela.
Burung unta adalah seekor burung yang dapat berlari dengan pantas. Ia dapat berlari dengan kelajuan melebihi 70 kilometer (45 batu) sejam. Tidak hairan boleh berlari laju lane sebelah kanan highway

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