S'poreans In Thailand Visit 'Street Vendor' Only To Realise They've Gatecrashed A Wedding

A wholesome video, in which the locals at the wedding reception are seen welcoming the Singaporean tourists with open arms and smiles on their faces, has gone viral on TikTok.

Cover image via @_mmeah (TikTok)

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Recently, a group of Singaporean tourists in Thailand got to experience the famous Thai hospitality when they accidentally gatecrashed a wedding reception. They thought they were visiting a 'street vendor'.

The group of Singaporeans were in the midst of their 612km motorcycle road trip when around lunchtime on Wednesday, 30 March, they came upon what they assumed was a roadside eatery in Chiang Mai.

They hopped off their motorcycles and happily walked towards the lively setting outside a small building with tables and chairs. In a video, the locals are seen doing an "eating" gesture with their hands.

"It was hard to communicate with the locals as there was a language barrier so we were using hand gestures to say that we were looking for a restaurant," Asia One quoted one of the Singaporeans as saying.

Upon seeing the tables and chairs, the men respond in Singlish, "Ohh ohhh got food already".

In a wholesome video posted on TikTok, the locals at the wedding reception are seen welcoming the Singaporeans with open arms

According to a report in Mothership, the group of friends remained oblivious until they asked for a menu and, upon discovering there was none, thought that they might have gatecrashed a party.

They still had not realised that it was a wedding reception.

It was only after one of them posted one of their videos online that a friend informed them that the party was actually a wedding reception, according to the Asia One report.

And when they finally realised their mistake, the group wanted to leave. However, the locals insisted on having the Singaporeans stay there and fill their bellies before heading out.

In a second video, the group is seen sitting down and eating noodles

"We were shocked but in a positive way and the food was great," one of them said, adding that they were served noodles, ice cream, drinks, and were even offered alcohol.

However, as they were going to be riding after that, the group declined to have any alcohol.

The Singaporeans then posed for a photo with some of the locals

In the photo, one of the Singaporean tourists is seen holding a bag of crackers that the locals at the wedding reception handed to them to snack on during their bike journey ahead.

Image via Asia One

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