"Do Your Damn Half" – Uni Student's Email Scolding 'Lazy' Assignment Groupmate Goes Viral

This person did what we all wanted to do!

Cover image via pro360 & MMU Confessions (Facebook)

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Ahhh... College and university. The place we learnt that a--holes exist before we enter the adult world.

For many of us, it was the first time meeting a groupmate who contributed nothing to our assignment.

Image via Meetings Net

Recently, a screenshot of an email showing a frustrated university student reprimanding a group work free-rider went viral

In a Facebook post uploaded last week, MMU Confessions invited all the group leaders in assignment projects to use the email for reference.

"Do your damn half of the group project!" the email begins on its subject line, while the body of the email is filled with F-bombs.

"I've sent you more than enough emails to try and get you to do your damn assignment, which took me literally 45 minutes to complete."

"It doesn't even take that long once you actually sit down and actually do the work, my guy."

They say they do not want to complete the project for the person because they have had it hard enough.

"You better get [your] a-- on that Zoom call tomorrow, so that I can roast the sh-t out of you, you piece of sh-t," the email continues

They say the person was given two months, stressing on the long 60-day period, to complete the "easy a-- assignment".

If the person does not deliver, they claim that they will not hesitate to report it to their professor so that he or she will fail the assignment.

Instead of the usual 'Regards' and 'Sincerely' in the email closing, they end with a piece of advice that reads, "Get your a-- together god damn it".

They sign off the email as "Your group assignment partner".

At the time of writing, the confession post has gone viral with over 2,000 shares and likes, respectively

Many netizens said they wish that they sent this email to the 'lazy' groupmate they encountered while they were studying.

"We should have done this," commented a Facebook user, while another added, "See how people treat free-rider."

"If you don't mind, can you send me a template? I think it's very useful," said a netizen, complimenting the 'eloquently' written email.

"The professor gave group assignments (for several reasons), one of it is to test how passive are you when a partner doesn't contribute," chimed in a person.

Image via Facebook

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