[PHOTOS] Schools In China Have Desks That Turn Into Beds For Students To Take Naps

After their midday nap, the students wake up to the sound of "wonderful music".

Cover image via 中原新闻官网 (Sina)

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Gone are the days when these students had to wait until the end of school to take naps at home

That's all thanks to several schools in Handan City, China.

According to a news report published on Sina, these schools in Hebei Province recently introduced "lunch break desks and chairs" for students to use for napping during their lunch break.

All they need to do is push the table top and the armrests up and – voilà! – they have an instant reclining chair ready for them to snuggle into for their midday nap

Each "lounge chair" even has a pillow attached along with a matching blanket!

With the innovation, students can sleep comfortably on their back instead of on their stomach.

During lunch break, teachers on duty patrol the room and monitor the students' sleep status

Students are then awakened by "wonderful music", after which they would fold the bedding before devoting the next few hours to studies and activities in the afternoon.

Improving sleep quality of primary and secondary school students has always been the focus of school management and parents

In 2021, Chunguang Primary School's management in Handan City found that most of the students who took naps with their heads on their desks after lunch would wake up with neck and arm stiffness.

To resolve the issue and provide students with "high-quality lunch break", the school took the lead in purchasing new foldable tables and chairs so that students can rest more comfortably.

Since the introduction of the innovation at the start of 2022, the transformative folding desk has won praise from teachers, students, and parents in China. 

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