Car Advert Goes Viral For Its Hilariously Terrible Photographs

The comments on the ridiculous post made everything even funnier.

Cover image via Robert Liew (Facebook)

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Selling a used car isn't easy.

But one Malaysian managed to capture the Internet's attention with his not-so-typical car advertisement on Facebook.

Last Friday, 10 June, Facebook user Robert Liew shared 15 images of his Honda Civic in a post that has since been shared almost 8,000 times.

You may be wondering what exactly is so special about this Honda Civic that people have been raving about it all over the interwebs.

Well, just take a look at this, shall we say, unique description of the car:

Unregistered 2019 Honda Civic FK8 Tyre R For Sale!

- Phone Number R-27625,

- Mugen Tail Lights,
- Blitz Throttle Controller, and
- Carrozzeria Player.

Hmmm... Doesn't take a car expert to know that doesn't sound quite right!

The pièce de résistance, however, is the PHOTOGRAPHY

Netizens were loving the awful photos, and when asked about them, Robert told SAYS, "I took the photos with my DSLR camera because my phone is too good"

"The photos were not edited at all," he added.

The comments on the ridiculous post made everything even funnier.

Image via Facebook

In a follow-up post, Robert shared that he never expected that his car advert would go this viral

Robert, who works as a salesman at First Mile Auto Sdn Bhd, was happy for the unexpected attention the post received.

All jokes aside, he shared proper pictures of the Honda Civic Type R for sale saying that, "It seriously needs a new home though."

So, if you seriously need a new (ahem, secondhand) car, contact Robert at +6011-37305184. (This is not a paid ad but Robert asked us for help to add this bit ok).

Check out the original viral post here:

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