We All Do These 16 Mengada Things 'Cause We're Too Damn Obsessed With Our Phones

Refresh. Scroll. Refresh. Scroll.

1. Every night you scroll endlessly in bed 'cause you have no life and this CONFIRM happens to you

Image via your tango

2. You get super kan cheong the second you don't feel your phone in your pocket

Image via Giphy

3. So you go gila looking for it EVERYWHERE, while yelling at someone to call it for you but it's on silent. Sei loh.

Image via Imgur

4. Padahal, you were actually holding it in your hand the whole time while going around asking people "where's my phone ah?" *facepalm*

Image via Odyssey

5. Or even worse, you were literally on the phone with someone while telling them that you can't find your phone

Image via Imgur

*Krik krik krik* Awkwaardddd.

6. You Whatsapp your family members to ask if dinner is ready even though you're literally in the same room

Wah, these kind of people are too much wei. Just ask out loud can or not?

7. Even though you know you're gonna lose signal the second you step into the lift, you still try to use your phone anyway

Image via Daily.Social

"Hello? HELLO?! Cannot hear you lah!"

8. No matter where you go, the first thing ask is "got Wi-Fi ah?"

Image via Giphy

9. Tbh what even is the point of meeting up with friends anymore? Not like y'all talk also.

Image via SAYS

At the most, you'll prolly end up showing each other stuff on your phone lol.

10. You suddenly become the clumsiest person in the world

Almost getting on the wrong escalator lah, smacking into a tiang lampu lah, falling over after running into someone lah, you've done it all. Malu gila man!

11. You've totally missed your KTM/LRT/MRT stop and end up doubling your journey to or back from work

Image via GIFER

Oh well, more time to scroll.

12. You also camp out in the toilet for way longer than you need to

Image via BuzzFeed

Everyone else in your family: "WOI WHY SO LONG YOU LAO SAI ISSIT?!"

13. That mad dash you do to the phone charger when your battery is on 1% could qualify you for the Olympics man

Image via Me.me

14. You check for new notifications every 5 minutes, opening the same app you just closed

Image via ThynkFeed

15. Scroll. Refresh. Scroll. Refresh. *repeat forever*

Image via iFunny

16. Phantom vibrations are a real and serious problem k?

Image via Giphy

Second only to thinking you saw your notification light flashing or heard that telltale 'ping'.

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