11 Things Malaysians Hate Queuing Up For But Are Totally Worth It

Because good things come to those who wait.

Cover image via The Malay Mail Online & Rediff Sports (Edited)

No one likes queuing up, unless we know we're getting something great from it. Like these situations:

1. When you've been queueing since 4am but forgot what fatigue was when you finally got your Minion toy

You don't even remember how long you've been queuing for because you're happily singing the 'Banana, Potato' song all the way home. 

2. When you camped overnight at the mall and was lucky enough to get the last Wanna One Fan Meeting ticket

Everything is worth it for oppa <3

3. When you really, really need to use the toilet and it's finally your turn

4. When you're stuck in a massive traffic jam but still managed to reach the office before everyone else

#achievement #lucky

5. When you queued up for an hour to redeem a free ice cream

Free ice cream?! Definitely worth it. 

7. When it's lunch time and there's 50 people in front of you, but you don't mind because it's nasi kandar

8. When the line to enter the stadium for the SEA Games was super long, but you didn't mind because you want to support our athletes

We love our athletes because they're the best!

9. The line at the airport security check may be slow, but you know that it's just one short stop before your big vacation

10. When it took you more than 20 minutes to refuel because it's Wednesday, but it's worth it because you saved some money

Every cent counts, alright? Don't judge.

Though we really don't like queuing, we don't mind doing so if it's for something good

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