This Baker Makes Indomie Wedding Cakes And People Are Actually Loving It

Sorry, chocolate cake.

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Just when we thought we've seen it all, an Indonesian baker has done the inevitable by creating wedding cakes entirely out of Indomie

Just look at it.

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If you're going for a "University food we used to eat in our 20s" wedding theme, this is definitely the cake for you.

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The instant noodles cakes have proven to be a hit on social media

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One netizen even came up with a way to make other parts of a wedding ceremony match the cake

"We can sign all the documentation in soy sauce and throw fried onion like confetti."

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Another exclaimed that they would garnish their Indomie cake with eggs instead of cherry tomatoes

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If flowers and tomatoes aren't your thing, you can even have the cake topped with chicken slices and cheese

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Or customise it for a friend's birthday

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The Indomie cake below was topped with corn beef, cheese, and sambal. 

These "glorious" cakes are made by (short for TOTally AWesome) - a restaurant in Kelapa Gading, Indonesia.

Check out more of their unique food creations on Instagram and Facebook.

Are these cakes a total abomination or an artistic creation? Let us know in the comments below!

Earlier this year, Indonesians were raving about these yummy-looking Indomie onigiri and doughnuts:

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