13 Things You Will Only Understand If You Have An "Up To You Lor" Kinda Friend

"What do you want to makan?" "Anything."

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1. If you have indecisive friends, you'll know that getting them to leave the house in the first place is a real challenge

2. You better have a plan ready for when they do agree to go out. If not...

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You'll end up spending more time trying to decide whether to watch movie or have coffee than actually doing any of those things.

3. When you ask them what to makan and you get this unhelpful answer:

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4. They'll always say "Up to you lor" but is it, really? IS IT?!

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"You pick!"
"Okay, mamak?"
"I want somewhere with air-con."
"Okay, the cafe next door?"
"I want something cheap."

5. When you finally decide where to eat but they can't decide what to order and the waiter is getting impatient and your anxiety levels are going through the roof

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And it's always the same debate: they'll wonder if they should have their usual or try something new. And after a good 10 minutes of deliberating they'll go with - surprise surprise! - the same thing they always have.

6. Shopping with them basically means you sitting in one corner waiting for them to try on EVERYTHING in the store

It's basically like every makeover scene you've ever seen in movies, except you're having zero fun and a "quick trip to the mall to grab some stuff" actually takes the whole day. Halp.

7. They also need opinions from everyone before actually buying something

8. And yet most of the time they'll end up leaving the store with... nothing

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What did you ever do to deserve this? ='(

9. Helping them pick out the best photo in their camera roll to upload on Insta is torture of the highest kind

10. Going on a trip with them is the ultimate test of your friendship

11. It's not just the small things they need help deciding on - you're roped in for all their relationship dramas too

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12. But sometimes, you'll susah payah think of a solution and then they just go:

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13. Yep. Good luck trying to call them out on their indecisiveness:

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When it comes right down to it, they know they can never make up their mind. Or at least they think so...

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