The 13 Types Of Malaysians You'll See At Any Coffee Shop

Which one are YOU?

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It's easy to see why we Malaysians love hopping from one cafe to another when the weekend rolls around. For one thing, there's all the coffee!

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Then there's also the people-watching! How many of these typical cafe-goers have you spotted on your caffeinated adventures?

1. The Coffee Snob

This cafe staple is probably the easiest to spot. Sometimes they appear in the form of a judgmental barista who's reluctant to add ice to your coffee. Other times, they're the ones sitting a few tables away, cringing at the sugar you're dumping into your latte.

2. The Complicated Connoisseur

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They know exactly what they want, and they're not afraid to say it - even if their unnecessarily complicated order takes a full minute to say out loud and they're holding up the queue.

3. The Brunch Squad

You'll find at least one of these pancake-loving gangs on any given weekend morning!

4. The Kopitiam Convert

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He's new to the cafe scene and he's the one getting overwhelmed trying to figure out what the equivalent of his kopi peng is in hipster cafe speak. He may also yelp when he sees how much his fancy coffee actually costs.

5. The Foodtographer

You gotta have a bit of patience when dining out with this one. By the time they're done taking photos of their dishes and yours from every angle imaginable, your food will no longer be the piping hot platter you had ordered.

6. The Hardcore Instagrammer

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They've got a feed to curate, which means their OOTDs are always on-point and they have no problems waiting for the most photogenic spots in the cafe to be vacated, so that they can start posing for their #coffeelover posts.

7. The Wi-Fi Hunter

As the name suggests, this type is interested in one thing and one thing only:

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8. The Power User

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This one is often seen working at the cafe, and you'll find them at one point or another crouched under the table trying to find a plug point for their dying laptop.

9. The Pretender

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They'll look at the menu and pretend to decide between a macchiato or a cappucino. But when they get the chance, they'll slink away to the toilet, and walk out of the cafe without  actually ordering, never to be seen again.

10. The Weary Student

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They're often found fast asleep behind a stack of assignment papers.

11. The Nak Cepat Fella

This forever-rushing type is often found scrolling through their phones while waiting at the to-go counter, and has the amazing ability of replying at least 13 emails by the time they're coffee is ready.

12. The Forever Alone

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They're the ones sitting all by themselves, deep in thoughts as the steam wafts off their cups. While it looks like they'd planned to have some me time, more often than not, it's the unfortunate case of their friends FFK-ing on them.

13. The Uncle & Auntie

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They hear enough about how amazing these modern coffee shops are from their kids, and yet here they are, wondering if they're in some weird elaborate trap that involves paying RM35 for eggs and toast.

At the end of the day, having a cup of coffee is just that much more enjoyable with great company - including all the colourful characters above!

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