Waiting For Gaji To Masuk And 8 Other Struggles We Face At The End Of Every Month

"Gaji faster come in pleaseeeee!"

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1. You're so beyond sick of eating chap fan or at the mamak everyday

You know the broke life is too real when you can't even afford a telur mata.

2. So you endlessly refresh your online bank account to see if gaji masuk yet...

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3. ... then end up creying when you're immediately broke again after having to pay all your bills T___T

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*cries in RM*

4. And R.I.P your money on that one month your car insurance and road tax is due

Sei loh if your car also happens to need servicing that month.

5. The pain of having all your auto-debits hit at the same time can be too much to handle

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Now you see your money, now you don't.

6. At least you get to finally do all your claims yay! But first, you gotta hunt through every nook and cranny to dig up all your receipts.

Every month you'll tell yourself to keep them all in one place to make things easier but do you ever listen? Nooooooo.

7. It's the WORST. TIME. EVER to go to a mall. Confirm all super crowded 'cause everyone just got their gaji ugh.

But you still need to go anyway so that you can stock up on all the important necessities to last you through the rest of the month.

8. It's so heartbreaking when all the e-commerce sites have awesome deals and sales but you have to resist spending

Must! Not! Shop!

9. You always end up having to chase your housemates to bank in their share of the rent =.=

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Why can't they ever remember to do it on time? WHYYYYY?!

With so many things to take care of, especially when it comes to paying so many different bills, the end of the month can be quite a ma fan time

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