Taiwan's Secret To Taking The Top Spot On 'Popcat' Is... A Massage Gun

No wonder we can't beat them!

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We have come so far in the 'Catlympic'.

Malaysia has climbed from number 10 to number 2 over last week before Thailand outranked us on

Taiwan made it to number 1 on yesterday, 17 August.

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If you didn't already know, is a popular meme-cum-global competition site where visitors can come to the website to 'pop' a cat.

The more you click or tap any key while on the screen, the more points you score for your country.

As of writing, Malaysia is more than 77 billion pops away from Taiwan's 94 billion pops

Although we have overtaken almost every country on the list — even Thailand before their insane surge over the weekend — it seems like we are having trouble garnering more pops than Taiwan all this while.

But their secret is out!

It looks like the reason why the island country manages to secure such an astronomical pops per second (PPS) is because they have been using a massage gun to tap on Popcat.

Image via BGR

The secret was shared by a Taiwanese content creator on Facebook last Friday, 13 August

In the 30-second long video that SAYS sighted, we see the Taiwanese man using a massage gun on his finger while he hovers his hand above his phone.

His finger can be seen hitting the screen of his phone at lightning speed while he is on the webpage.

Within just a few seconds, the number of pops he achieves skyrocketed from 2,605 to 2,838.

"Isn't it simple? (You) can easily make our country proud (with this trick)," says the man.

English-language online newspaper Taiwan News also shared the technique with its readers by including a how-to video in its report about the game.

Watch the Taiwanese content creator share how the technique works here:

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