Calling All Malaysians! Come Tap On This 'Popcat' To Bring Our Country To The No. 1 Spot

Malaysia made it into the top 10 last night, 12 August, after securing 550 million new pops within a day.

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Looks like curiosity has brought you here.

Now, it is your duty as a Malaysian to start tapping on 'Popcat' to bring our country up the leaderboard!

The rule for the global competition — dubbed 'Catlympic' by fans — on is simple: the more you click or tap any key while on the screen, the more points you score for your country.

As of writing, Malaysia is ranked 10th in the world, while Taiwan, Finland, and Sweden take the top three spots

Currently, Malaysia is climbing the leaderboard at a rate of 1,900 PPS — which stands for pops per second.

If you do not start contributing, Singapore, which is currently ranked 24th, might catch up as they are clicking at a rate of 44,000 PPS.

Our neighbouring country has 110,000,000 pops as compared to Malaysia's 823,000,000 pops.

As of today, 13 August, the website recorded a total of 33.5 billion pops from netizens all over the world. is a website created by three friends on a whim one morning last year

According to the University of Sheffield, the website is created by Ed, Josh, and Freddy, who are Computer Science students at the university in the UK.

Their love for memes elevated the Popcat meme into an intractable, furious competition on the Internet. A domain age checker shows that went live on 11 December 2020.

If you didn't already know, Popcat is a meme that took the Internet by storm in October 2020 after Twitter user @XavierBFB posted two images of his cat Oatmeal to a Discord server.

The first photo shows Oatmeal smiling, while the second photo is an edited image of Oatmeal's mouth opening widely, resembling an 'O' shape.

The Internet then turned the images into a video by adding a pop sound.

Below is the original video of Oatmeal meowing, not popping.

Today, Oatmeal is immortalised on, where meme and cat lovers can come to pet the bubbly cat while making their country proud

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Visit the website here to start popping.

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