[PHOTOS] These Boyfriends Are The Real MVPs Of The Internet

Presenting the men behind every "candid" photo.

Cover image via Boyfriends of Instagram

Behind every woman’s perfect and "inspirational" Instagram shot is an often reluctant photographer boyfriend

Chances are, you know one, you've seen one in action, or you are one (don't be in denial).

Guys, we know how difficult it is to take the perfect Instagram photo for your lady

It takes a LOT of posing and reposing to look flawlessly carefree and "candid."

But your efforts have not been in vain. A new Facebook and Instagram account called 'Boyfriends of Instagram' is seeking to give you the photo credits you deserve. Go ahead, give yourselves a pat on the back.

"Babe, can we please take that #FollowMeTo photo again? Please?"

The social media pages share daily photos of boyfriends and husbands in different locations, taking pictures apparently at the request of their other halves and sometimes, their group of friends.

Not all heroes wear capes, they just carry a smartphone and take photos of their girlfriends at the edge of a swimming pool overlooking an ocean

"Please make it as candid as possible. I don't know how, you figure it out."


Honestly, who's going to know if she went for a run if you didn't take a photo of her running?

Or yoga for that matter?

"Babe, it took me 10 tries to get this pose right. You only have ONE chance to get this shot right."

Well done, boys. Hopefully, you'll make it to your next stop - Husbands Of Instagram.

Check out 'Boyfriends On Instagram' on Facebook and, erm, Instagram.

Guys, we know you love these things deeply. Maybe more than your wives and girlfriends:

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