13 Things You'll Definitely Relate To If You Work In A Freezing Cold Office

Most Malaysians are not made to endure extreme cold, y'know. :(

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1. At the beginning of every day, walking into your fully-conditioned office is a relief after the blazing hot sun and sticky, humid air outside...

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2. A few minutes in, you start to regret not bringing an extra jacket or a scarf because OH MY GOD IT'S SO COLD

3. You might be wearing jeans, long pants, a long skirt or dress, but that doesn't stop the icy cold air from seeping in wherever and whenever they can

Needless to say, wearing a short dress or skirt is out of the question.

4. You have, like, 3 seconds to down your morning cup of coffee before it freezes over

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Okay, we exaggerate, but cold "hot latte" with coagulated foam is NOT a good way to start the day.

5. You start bringing your blanket to work so you can huddle in your cozy 'human burrito' when it gets too cold...

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6. ... Or zip your hoodie up all the way up to your face

7. There are times when it feels like your fingers are going to fall right off because of frostbite. How to type report like this?!

8. You grasp at every opportunity to bring warmth back to your fingers - a hot cup of coffee or tea, toilet hand dryer, freshly-printed paper...

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Image via Twitter

9. Sometimes you hide in the toilet for a few extra minutes because sitting on the jamban is a lot warmer than sitting at your desk

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10. You can't wait to step outside for lunch because you get to feel the warm, golden rays of the sun on your face again

11. On rainy days, you wonder if you should make a trip to Uniqlo to get winter wear... cause it sure feels like the North Pole right now

12. Then your nose betrays you and decides to give you sniffles ALL DAY. Then you get headaches. And lose all motivation to be productive.

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13. The worst part is, no one knows why the air-con is so cold or how to turn it up because "it's centralised"

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A.k.a. there's nothing we can do. :( :( :(

Is your workplace way too cold for normal humans? Let us know how you and your colleagues deal with it in the comments below!

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