You Know Pokémon GO Has Invaded Your Office When...

Bonus points if your boss joins in the fun! ;)

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1. The walk from the car park to your office takes longer than usual

Worried you'll get spotted by your boss or colleagues? You can always cover you face like this guy... :p

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2. You'd rather walk to work than take an Uber / GrabCar / taxi, because you might bump into wild Pokémon along the way

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3. Conversations with your colleagues usually start with "How many Pokémon did you catch last night?"

Then you start talking about the hotspots you visited after work and the rare Pokémon you found there and before you know it... it's already 11.00am.

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4. You're supposed to be working, but you still check your phone every five minutes for new Pokémon or - at the very least - spin nearby PokéStops for free swag

Look at all the spinnable PokéStops around me!

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5. There's always that ONE strategic spot that attracts Pokémon and has multiple PokéStops that everyone flocks to

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Sometimes, everyone takes turns dropping Lures so that there's an endless supply of Pokémon in that area. ;)

6. Your lunch choices are now limited to whether or not there are PokéStops or Gyms within range

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7. You get your lunch to-go or eat fast so you have time to catch Pokémon after and still make it back to the office on time

Looks like everyone else had the same idea!

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8. Team chats are now filled with notifications of Pokémon appearances and not about, well, work

Actual conversation on the SAYS team chat.

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9. So it's no surprise that everyone is pretty much away from their desks when a Pokémon that is NOT a Rattata or Pidgey appears on the radar

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It's also reasonable to stop a meeting when an uncommon or rare Pokémon pops up because Pokémon > everything else

10. Screams of frustration are often heard when a particular Pokémon doesn't pop up or evades PokéBalls or worse... decides to run away

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There's also the occasional "Yes!" and sighs of relief when a Pokémon finally stays in the PokéBall after breaking free seven times.

11. Not only do you get to work early, you also stay pretty late... especially when the surrounding area lights up with Lures EVERYWHERE!

Damansara Uptown is ON FIRE after 7pm!

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Is your office hit with Pokémon fever too? Show us what it's like in your office in the comments section below or send your photos to [email protected]!

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