People Who Don't Play Pokémon GO Are Going Through These Painful Struggles

Sorry, Pokémon no go.

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1. Pokémon this...Pokémon that... but you're just sitting there, quietly, while people chat away

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2. You shake your head in disbelief each time a friend rushes to catch a Pokémon

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3. Sometimes you catch yourself snorting at friends who get frustrated over the game. Priorities, guys.

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4. You secretly laugh at how true this is:

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5. Sometimes you feel like telling your friends straight up

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6. People are telling you, "Don't be like that guy"

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7. You're not sure why you're getting all these personal attacks

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8. Because even Pikachu is not pleased with this craze

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9. The good thing is everyone is very willing to accompany you to go ANYWHERE now

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10. And honestly, you have to admit that these Pokémon trainers are really something

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11. Though their presence could be really overwhelming sometimes

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12. And you are better off eating alone because your friends would be busy catching Pokémon anyway

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13. You’re not sure how to react when people tell you they caught one of those thingamajigs....

Er, congrats?

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14. ...or when they say a Pokémon just "break free"

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15. You thought people were doing some kind science experiment when they mentioned "incubate" but actually they were just playing Pokémon Go

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16. Your friends ajak you to go to the gym, but what they really mean is to go to THIS gym

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17. Your friend's vibrating phone frustrates the life out of you

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18. All your group chats are dominated by talks about Po-ke-mon

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19. You're officially the most unpopular person in the group

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Candy Crush is lame and all now but you're still playing it. Well, at least you're loyal, right?

20. At the end of the day, friends keep telling you the same thing

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21. Maybe, just maybe, you're not playing because you don't have a choice

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Are your colleagues into Pokémon GO too?

Some tips to help you to be the very best (like no one ever was!):

The Pokémon craze is so real that even the big brands in Malaysia cannot resist being a part of it:

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