Hindu Devotees In India Have Built A Replica Of Petronas Twin Towers

It took 70 people to build it.

Cover image via Suria KLCC & India Today

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The Petronas Twin Towers recently made an appearance in a city in India.

Not the actual twin towers, of course, but something that looks quite similar!

Image via India Today

Durga Puja is a festival celebrated annually in India to honour Hindu Goddess Durga. Fabricated structures, known as pandals, are usually displayed to celebrate the occasion.

This year, a pandal replica of Malaysia's twin towers was built in Kalyani, West Bengal.

The 'KLCC' structure has 88 levels just like the Malaysian twin towers, but it stands at just 45m, in comparison to the original 451m

Image via India Today

According to India Today, the marquee has been attracting many devotees who visited the city for the celebration.

It took around 70 people to assemble the structure that was made of glass, wood, and lights. At the centre of the towers sits an idol designed with glass.

Image via India Today

If you're curious to see how the structure looks on the inside, here's a video:

Prior to KLCC being built, the land was actually a horse race track:

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