These Ladies Had A Beautiful Kebaya-Themed Photo Shoot For Their Friend's Farewell


Cover image via @mokciknab/Twitter

Think you and your group of friends are #friendshipgoals? This group of aunties probably have you beat!

Over the weekend, these aunties had a kebaya-themed photo shoot in Penang for their friend.

In a now viral tweet, Twitter user Elida Bustaman posted that the group had been friends for almost 40 years, and that one of them would be moving abroad at the end of the month

As a send-off, the group had a kebaya-themed photo shoot at the Peranakan Mansion and Beach Street

They even bought new kebayas for the occasion.

According to Elida, the photographer she hired was not a pro, and only had three instructions for their poses: "cakap-cakap" , "tengok burung", and "tit-tit"

This was an example of "tengok burung".

Even then, their photo shoot turned out to be a success as the pictures came out amazing, and had netizens gushing with envy

Elida also posted a throwback photo with her friend, comparing them in 1981 and the present

Netizens have responded with lots of love, all wanting a kebaya-themed photo shoot of their own

Image via Twitter

Inspired by the aunties, these group of girls also replied to Elida's tweet with this adorable photo

Check out Elida's full tweet here:

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