14 Things That Wajib Happen Every Year During Your Balik Kampung Drive

"Balik kampunggggg oh oh oh balik kampungggg!"

Cover image via Kodok Info / edited by SAYS

1. Dragging yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn to leave early in the hopes of avoiding the jam

But you usually end up stuck anyway 'cause everyone else had the same idea.

2. Fighting your siblings to the death all in the name of avoiding that dreaded middle seat

Image via mrsshy

Who wants to be stuck squished there for the whole trip?!

3. Being forced to take the obligatory "nak gerak" wefie

Image via Miza Talib

4. If you're one of the pro families who set out at night instead, the car is fully stocked with snacks and food

Image via Mommy Ceria

5. Big families will confirm meet up at someone's place first so that everyone can konvoi together

Image via Kodok Info

6. Going back to sleep the second you're on the road 'cause it's just too damn early to be up and functioning

Image via Cik Ila Menari

The paling kesian moment for the driver is when they're the only one left awake.

7. Everyone's super excited to blast Raya songs and have an epic car-aoke session at first...

... but you'll get sick of it soon enough and start begging to change the music to something, anything else!

8. Someone always asks to stop at a petrol station or rest stop every hour

Three words: NEED. TO. PEEEEEE.

9. Sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping

Which is when those who are still awake start taking embarrassing photos as future blackmail material.

10. Having to turn back halfway 'cause someone forgot their baju raya at home

Everyone will be trying their best not to kill that one forgetful person.

11. Keeping yourself entertained by documenting the entire journey on Insta stories

Image via SAYS

Your updates will mostly consist of "still stuck in jam" photos and the occasional selfie.

12. Or your mother makes you help with last minute duit raya prep

Image via Imgur

It becomes your very important job to make sure the right amount of money goes into the right sampul.

13. If you're really bored while you're stuck in traffic, it's time to kacau kereta sebelah or start messaging random strangers on Waze

The conversation will mostly consist of complaining about the jam, making assumptions on what's causing it, and/or offering snacks to each other.

14. The mad rush as everyone scrambles to FINALLY get out of the car ASAP when you sampai

Image via Mia Rants

But you still have to take a group photo before you can head in lol.

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