You Should Probably Start Planning These 9 Things Now For A Hassle-Free Raya

... or you'll regret later

Cover image via The Midnight Baker & Mejuez (Edited)

1. Pre-order your Raya cookies

Especially if you only like homemade ones. There are usually limited stock for these, or sellers have a really early cut-off date as they need to get ready for Raya too. So pre-order your kuih tart before it's too late!

2. Or start baking your own now

Image via FriedChillies

It's best to prepare the ingredients early if you're planning to bake your own batch of Raya cookies. Then you can start baking soon and have them done before puasa :D

3. Start shopping for fabric and book a tailor... NOW!

Image via Kosmo! Online

Tailor-made bajus fit the best. And you better have your kain ready or all the tailors in town will have their schedules packed. Put in your order any later, and you might only get your baju raya after Raya T_T

4. Or just go shop for ready-made clothes

Image via The Hive Asia

If choosing the fabric and going to the tailor's is too much of a hassle, just head to the shops or online stores to check out the latest Raya styles. Shopping now means you don't have to deal with out-of-stock and late delivery problems.

5. Prepare your duit raya

Image via SAYS

Don't wait till the last minute to exchange new notes from the banks. The queue is usually longer at the end of puasa because everyone will be rushing to get new notes.

6. Get the house ready for the festive season

This may not be your favourite thing to do... but you don't want guests to come into a dusty house, right? And remember to get new fairy lights and curtains to create the Raya mood!

7. Collect as many duit raya packets as you can

Image via Berita Harian

Get them from your office, your friend's office, your cousin's office. You never know how much you need. 

8. Now would be a good time to start planning your Raya open house

Image via utopia

Start drafting a guest list to see if you need to rent a tent, extra table, and chairs. You'll also need to start calling the caterers to book the dates. If it's a small affair, then maybe it's time to start thinking about the menu. 

9. And plan what to prepare for the first buka puasa session with the family

The first buka puasa of the year is often a special occasion. Whether you're going to eat in or dine out, it's good to make reservations or go shopping for ingredients now to avoid disappointment.

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