This Dinosaur Statue In Legoland Malaysia Has Gone Viral On Reddit For A Cheeky Reason

When you see it...

Cover image via Reddit r/CrappyDesign

Ah, the scourge of adulthood. Some things that look completely innocent to kids may end up becoming really inappropriate to - ahem - dirty adult minds

Case in point - this dinosaur statue, which is allegedly located in Legoland Malaysia:

Posted to the r/CrappyDesign subreddit yesterday, 9 May, the photo has since amassed over 10.2k upvotes and 175 comments. 

Not gonna lie, we were initially skeptical about the statue's location... until we saw these comments confirming that the hard-at-work dino is indeed part of the Johor Bahru theme park

Needless to say, people also had a field day coming up with puns in the now-viral thread

Turns out, Legoland Malaysia is not the only place that's housing the dinosaur statue. A similar model was also spotted in Finland by another Redditor.


Image via Giphy

Okay, now let's all read these fun and wholesome stories to cleanse our dirty minds, okay:

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