People Can't Get Over How A Loud Pooper Got In The Way Of This Girl Crying In A Bathroom

"Whoever was taking that shit next to me in the bathroom better come clean bc we goin viral on Twitter."

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Bad days are inevitable.

But sometimes, in the midst of a bad day, you realise that someone else is having a sh*ttier day than you.

Just ask Fabbiha Afrin from Pennsylvania, United States who found herself going viral after tweeting about a laughable experience in a public bathroom.

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On 12 April, the 18-year-old went into a stall at her high school bathroom to have a private moment.

Little did she know, someone in another stall was about to have an entirely different kind of private moment.

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"I went to the bathroom to calm myself down and next thing I know someone's pooping very violently next to me. There's nothing wrong with that but I just thought the timing was hilarious so I decided to record," Fabbiha told Buzzfeed News.

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Fabbiha's seven-second video, which was posted on Twitter, garnered nearly 2.3 million views and 45,000 retweets

Overwhelmed by the response on social media, Fabbiha deactivated her account.

However, the video had been saved and re-uploaded by other Twitter users.

"Whoever was taking that shit next to me in the bathroom better come clean bc we goin viral on Twitter," Fabbiha wrote in a follow-up tweet before privatising her account.

Netizens couldn't help butting in and joking about the priceless shared moment between two strangers

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

However, some Twitter users criticised the teenager for documenting and sharing someone else's "violent pooping"

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"BUt wHy aRe u fiLminG yOurSeLf crYinG iN thE baThrooM??? Stfu I started recording after I heard the sharting cuz it was FUNNY!!" Fabbiha responded.

Don't worry Fabbiha! Sometimes people can't help but be party poopers.

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