This Half Glass Is For Wine Kakis Who Suffer From 'Asian Flush'

Literally half empty, like my bank account.

Cover image via 杂七杂八 (Facebook)

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Always tempted to finish the whole bottle of wine but your bank account says no?

Here's a chance for you to pace yourself. Or pretend to at least.

There's such a thing as a half wine glass online. And yes, it's split right down the middle.

Party at the front, disappointment in the back. 

Fill it to the brim and you have yourself a "full glass", technically, giving you the feeling like you're drinking a lot.

Why did someone decide to make this? No idea. I suppose it can help save your money... and liver. Sorta.

Or it's for those who suffer from that 'Asian flush' but still wanna join the party.

It's by Barbuzzo and it's called Happy Half Wine Glass. We found it on Amazon but it's currently out of stock. 

Image via Amazon

So I guess... *oops* back to full glass it isssss

Image via GIPHY

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