This Malaysian Went To Singapore To Catch The Screening Of 'Thor: Love And Thunder'

Oh, this just 'Thor' my heart apart.

Cover image via Phei Yong 培永 (Facebook)

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Tired of waiting for the airing of Thor: Love and Thunder, one Malaysian guy decided to watch it in Singapore instead

Before Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) announced that Thor: Love and Thunder is officially banned from screening in Malaysia, Chan Phei Yong took matters into his own hands by booking a flight to Singapore to watch the movie.

Chan posted a photo of him with the ticket at Suntec City's Golden Village cinema with the caption, "Heard you can't watch it in Malaysia, oops!"

His post has garnered over 32,000 reactions and 1,500 shares since he posted it on 19 July. The official GSC Facebook account even responded to his post in good humour.

“Is it correct for you to do this?” GSC said in jest, with the comment receiving over 5,300 reactions.

Many Malaysians have been assuming that the movie is possibly banned due to nudity or LGBTQ influences

However, another user, @MrJupiterTheX, shared in a Facebook post why he thinks the movie never made it to Malaysian cinemas.


Previously, Lightyear was banned due to the LGBTQ representation of one of the characters in the movie. This time around, however, it may be because of Thor's villain, Gorr the God Butcher.

While the villain's name is self-explanatory, the Facebook user further stated that his backstory and dialogues included insulting elements towards religions and gods.

Due to Malaysia's sensitivity with religion, this may be the major reason why Thor: Love and Thunder is banned in the country. It is also one of many theories that have been discussed by netizens.

Image via IGN

The man was ahead of his time, as it was recently announced that Thor: Love And Thunder will never be screened in Malaysia:

Just like GSC, we're all wondering what movies will be banned next:

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a movie has been banned in Malaysia:

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