This Man Got His Fried Chicken-Loving Fiancee A Finger Lickin' Good 'Hantaran'

"I was smiling so hard."

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A netizen's post about a rather unconventional (and adorable) engagement dowry gift is making waves across the Twitterverse

While couples usually agree on traditional hantaran gifts like money, accessories, gadgets, and household items, a woman named Ayu followed her fried chicken loving heart.

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@ayuyuyuyuuu's tweet garnered over 11,000 retweets at the time of writing.

Ayu and her fiancé held their engagement ceremony recently ahead of their 2020 wedding.

"Because I love fried chicken!" she wrote in the caption, referring to a bucket of finger lickin' good KFC placed on a hantaran tray.

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"So great to have a fiancé who understands me," she added.

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The bride-to-be explained that she initially didn't know what to ask for her last dowry gift, which was reserved for a food or sweet treat

"I couldn't decide and he had no idea so in the end KFC made it to the list," she shared.

Closer to their engagement day, she asked her fiancé if KFC was okay. While he was unsure if it was appropriate at first, the man later agreed. 

Ayu shared her notes on the couple's hantaran gifts prior to the ceremony.

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However, he was concerned that it would be difficult to get KFC on the day itself.

"I told him if it was inconvenient, he could just get something else, but he didn't say anything else about it," she said.

When Ayu made her entrance into the engagement ceremony, the first thing she saw was a bucket of fried chicken amidst the hantaran.

"I was smiling so hard," she said.

"The guests sitting there were saying that the smell was so strong," she added jokingly.

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While acknowledging that it is an unconventional choice, the woman pointed out that "as long as it's food and makes bellies full," then it serves its purpose.

"Even if it's cold by the time you eat it," she added.

Netizens not only applauded the couple for their creativity in personalising a dowry gift, many fried chicken fans were left inspired

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"He's the one. Congrats sis," another Twitter user joked.

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