This Man Designed A Card For Malaysians Who "Park Their Cars Like Idiots"

He has reviewed the card and made a more polite version too.

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A man recently went viral for making 'bad parking' cards which are meant to be left on the windshields of Malaysians who just can't park properly

Twitter user @syafiqunzir was inspired by someone else who found a similar card on their windshield that says, "You suck at parking."

He decided to make a local version and shared the photos online.

His design went viral and the tweet has since garnered 13,900 retweets and 13,000 likes.

The Malay version of the card displays a photo of a pig behind a steering wheel along with bold red words that translate to, "You park like an idiot".

At the bottom written in smaller letters it says, "Please retake all your JPJ classes and learn how to park. You are not the only one driving in Malaysia."

At the back of the card, there is a checklist of common parking offences such as taking up two lots and parking at an OKU spot

When you find someone committing one of the offences, you can mark which offence in the checklist and leave the card on their windshield.

Also on the list is "unforgivable parking".

There is a note next to it that reads, "How did you get a licence? Did you bribe the JPJ officer? You're lucky that I still have some patience. If you keep up this dumb habit, your car will soon fall victim."

However, after some feedback, Syafiq has reviewed the card and created a more polite version.

In the new design, he replaced the photo of the pig and it now says, "You park without mercy."

At the back, the checklist remains but he has reworded some of the phrases. 

"Please be aware of your surroundings. Don't be selfish. You're not the only one paying road tax. Respect each other. But seriously, go learn how to park properly," it reads.

The cards are now up for sale.

You can choose to get 50 pieces for RM18 or 100 pieces for RM30.

Syafiq tweeted, "Hi guys, this is the design that will be released. A much more polite version compared to the previous one."

He also noted, "Do not misuse it."

You can purchase the cards by reaching out to him on Twitter.

Malaysian drivers have been known to be quite unforgiving of people who are not mindful of the way they park:

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