This 'Money Heist' Escape Room Will Have You "Stealing" Trillions Of Won — And Keeping It

Inspired by the newest Netflix series, 'Money Heist: Korea', the project is now open to all members of the public!

Cover image via All Is Amazing for Netflix Malaysia (Provided to SAYS)

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On the heels of a unification that would fail to serve those who need it, a heist is set to take place that'll change the lives of everyone involved

"This will go down as a revolution in the history of crime."

In Netflix's latest series, Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area (JEA), the Korean peninsula is seeing the approach of a merge, culminating in the production of a new unified currency that would mark the foundation of said fusion.

Operating in response to this occurrence, a band of robbers roam at the Unified Korea Mint (UKM), the place where the first steps towards peaceful unification is said to begin.

Led by a Professor, who plans an unprecedented hostage takeover along with a crew of thieves — Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow, Denver, Nairobi, Rio, Helsinki, and Oslo — the group plan to steal over four trillion won, and commit the biggest heist in history

With the Joint Economic Area setting up an outpost in Malaysia, it seems as though there is no better time for Money Heist: Korea to kick off the ultimate heist, then right here in our backyard.

From today, 25 June until 10 July, the doors at the JEA — Cawangan Malaysia, will be thrown wide open for all Malaysians to come and commit their own "heist"

Upon entering the mansion, recruits will be greeted by a giant sculpture of the 'Hahoe' mask, that is worn by the characters in the series.

Make your way to the foyer, and be greeted by an interactive installation that serves to re-introduce you to the Korean la banda (the band of thieves).

After changing into your very own red jumpsuit and mask (provided on arrival, and that you get to keep!), Heist 101 will commence at the Professor's classroom, where you will receive the ultimate brief on 'The Plan' from the mastermind himself.

"The plan is simple: get in, get the money, get out."

With that, let the heist begin! Make your way upstairs and embark on a race against time to get trillions of won.

Begin in Tokyo's room, and seek out a cover that'll aid the rest of your journey. Then you'll proceed to Rio's room, to hack the JEA computers for information that's critical to completing your tasks. Lastly, sharpen your observation skills in Nairobi's money-printing room, that'll help you get the cold hard cash you've been waiting for. 

TIP: Keep every item you find, you may need it to unlock the secret that separates you from all of your monetary dreams!

Here are all the details of this thrilling escape room:

Joint Economic Area (Cawangan Malaysia),
7, Jalan Batai, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

25 June 2022 - 10 July 2022.

Operating hours:
6pm-10pm (Weekday).
10am-10pm (Weekend).

Join the heist, and make reservations before you go at this website.

To catch all the episodes of Money Heist: Korea, visit Netflix

Here's the full trailer of the series:

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