This PPV Volunteer Picked Up 4 New Languages While On Duty So People Can Feel Welcomed

Ain told SAYS that she could recite her usual script in Bengali, Urdu, Hindi, and Nepali.

Cover image via @ainsyawani (Twitter)

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A volunteer at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium vaccination centre (PPV) went to extra lengths to perform her duties by picking up foreign languages so she can cater to the different people who show up for their COVID-19 jabs

On 15 August, Twitter user @ainsyawani, also known as Ain, uploaded a clip of herself speaking in Bengali and Urdu while manning a counter at the PPV.

She wrote, "I just want to share this video of mine talking in Bangladeshi (sic) and Pakistani (Urdu)! Learning their language makes my job so much faster! And I love to see their reaction the moment I spoke! I hope this video will make your day."

Her tweet garnered over 369,000 views and 14,400 retweets.

The young woman told SAYS that she learnt the language while on duty

Ain explained that besides Bengali and Urdu, she also picked up a few phrases in Hindi and Nepali as well.

"It was really random though. I was assisting a Bangladeshi and he spoke Malay fluently so I took the opportunity to learn few sentences, basically the sentences that I would ask them. It was really spontaneous. Learnt while I was on duty actually!" she said.

"Usually, I would ask them the usual sentences that I would use in order for me to key in their data. I would usually ask in Bengali, 'are you working?' as 'tu mi ki kaj koro?', 'tu mi ki asustho?' is 'do you have any illness?'" she added.

Ain then said that learning the different languages has helped her perform better as a volunteer

She said, "You have no idea how interesting it is and how it made my job so much easier and faster! I wish I could record their faces the moment they hear me speak! It is really genuine and pure. They were all so surprised! Some even thought that I was from Bangladesh or Pakistan."

In a few separate tweets, Ain implored others to be respectful to foreigners.

"I want to spread a little awareness here since I have the opportunity. I've encountered too many volunteers talking rudely to them. Regardless of whoever they are, treat them nicely. They wait for a minimum of three hours to finally reach their turn. Some don't even eat. Don't be mad at them," she wrote.

"I understand, it's hard to communicate with them. They don't understand us and we don't understand them. There are people who insult them. Why treat them to that extent? Treat them how you want to be treated. Make them feel welcomed. Make people's jobs easier," she added.

Netizens praised Ain's simple but meaningful gesture

One person wrote, "Imagine myself overseas, then found someone who could talk in my mother language. It would definitely bless my whole year. Especially in doing something important like this. Hi @ainsyawani, I wish you all the best!"

Image via Twitter

"Bravo! That's the right spirit and thank you for your dedication and positive attitude. I can see that beautiful smile below the mask as your eyes light up," wrote another user.

Image via Twitter

"Let this go viral and let other volunteers who are rude and inhuman learn from this. It is a simple human act that can take a whole new meaning in someone's life. I appreciate your kindness and I pray that I can continue doing and spreading this noble act," wrote another netizen.

Image via Twitter

Watch Ain's full video here:

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