APM Officer At KLCC PPV Praised For Going Out Of Her Way To Help OKU Man

The Civil Defence Force (APM) officer offered to register the OKU man as her dependent on MySejahtera for the vaccine.

Cover image via Mohd Shahrul Abdul Ghani (Facebook) & Firdaus Latif/Malay Mail

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A vaccination administration centre (PPV) floor manager's social media post went viral on Tuesday, 15 June, for praising a Civil Defence Force (APM) officer for her selflessness and talents

Mohd Shahril Abdul Ghani, who works at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) PPV, wrote on Facebook that working in a mega COVID-19 vaccination centre was very impressive, as he can meet all kinds of people.

However, he added that he was most impressed with the volunteer officers from The People's Volunteer Corps (RELA) and APM.

"They are very professional in carrying out their work, you know? Everything that needs to be done, gets done without any instructions given. Everyone understands their individual duty," he said.

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Image via The Straits Times

He went on to mention that he was specifically in awe of a particular APM officer due to her care for the public

He said that the night before, on Monday, 14 June, he overheard the APM officer talking to a foreigner and providing the man with clear and fluent instructions in English.

"I thought to myself that she was just a low ranking officer but her English was excellent. I was instantly amazed as she did not just explain the procedure, but she actually solved the man's problem," he wrote.

The APM officer surprised him again yesterday when she spoke to a deaf Indian man using sign language.

Mohd Shahril stated that he was so amazed by her that he asked her what her education level was — bachelor's degree or master's? — she humbly replied, "Only SPM, sir."

When he questioned further on how she knew sign language, she responded by saying that she learnt it by herself.

Mohd Shahril was awed again when he saw how the APM officer selflessly helped the deaf man with disabilities (OKU)

He shared that the Indian man did not know how to register for the vaccine and that he came to the PPV because someone had misinformed him that he had an appointment.

To make matters worse, the elderly man was not using a smartphone and was not registered under any welfare centres.

To solve this, the APM officer took it upon herself to register the man as her vaccine dependent on her MySejahtera

She then told Mohd Shahril that she will be responsible for the man until he completes his second dose.

Netizens flooded the comment section with praises for the APM officer's kindness and compassion

"Salute... Let's get together and make her an idol to all #APM members all over Malaysia..." one user wrote.

Image via Facebook

Another user wished her the best of luck and congratulated her on her exemplary actions. 

Image via Facebook

One netizen commented on her high standards and added that she is our future.

Image via Facebook

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