This Japanese T-Shirt Repels Those Nasty Ramen Splatters So You Can Slurp In Peace

Need. :O

Cover image via Young Shu Hua (Provided to SAYS) & ZIORICH (YouTube)

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Ever ordered a good bowl of noodles or a saucy meal then remembered that you wore your favourite top or a white outfit that day?

Satay celup victim. Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via Young Shu Hua (Provided to SAYS)

Whether you're eating ramen, wan tan mee, curry mee, or satay celup, having to carefully avoid splatters on your outfit just ruins the entire meal experience.

Not to mention, having to walk around the rest of the day in an outfit of shame.

But there just might be a T-shirt that solves all of your splatter worries

Japanese apparel company, Ziorich, has created what they call a 'Ramen T-shirt'.

A guy demonstrates how the T-shirt works in a video that was recently shared:

In the video, he is seen slurping a bowl of ramen, thoroughly enjoying every bit of it.

However, much like many of us, by the time he's done, he's left with a T-shirt covered in soup splatters. 

Unfazed, the camera shows him smiling as he pours a cup of water onto the messy parts of his T-shirt

Almost like magic, the splatters 'wash off' and the guy flicks off the remaining droplets with a napkin, leaving the T-shirt looking as white as it initially was.

In a separate video, Ziorich, which specialises in men's suits and dress shirts, shows a second demonstration. 

Staining the white T-shirt with tonkotsu ramen, they use a wet napkin to wipe off the splatters effortlessly. So it appears that you don't even need to pour water onto the T-shirt, any wet napkin will do.

Watch the demonstration below:

How does this even work? And where can I buy 10 T-shirts?

According to SoraNews24, Ziorich has not revealed the material of the T-shirt. And unfortunately for us messy eaters, the company did not mention its availability either.

Makuake, a branch of Ziorich that releases designs through crowdfunding, recently put up T-shirts that reduce armpit sweat and create a slimming effect.

So I guess, one can be hopeful that the Ramen T-shirt will be released soon too!

You can watch the video here:

The Japanese seem to have a solution for stretched T-shirt necklines too:

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