These 'Sims 4' Characters Are Living The 'Kampung' Dream & The Details Are Gorgeous

The characters can be seen wearing kebayas, saris, and even a baju melayu set.

Cover image via @nyonyasimmer (TikTok)

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Who knew you could balik kampung just by logging onto your computer and playing around in The Sims?

TikTok user @nyonyasimmer has recently gone viral for composing short clips of her modified Sims in traditional Malaysian garments in a kampung house, complete with antique decor and wooden furniture.

In her viral video that has garnered almost 142,000 views, the Sims are seen donning a kebaya with a hijab, a baju melayu set with a samping, and the typical pak cik fit — a white T-shirt and kain pelikat — while dancing around in the living room of a typical kampung house.

Check out the video here:

Some of her other TikToks also display the Sims in common Malaysian settings, including festivals, wet markets, and paddy fields

The earliest TikTok on her account shows what looks like a Deepavali celebration, with her Sims decked out in saris and the room decorated with common Deepavali decorations. 

The floors are covered in rangoli designs, the walls curtained with flower garlands, and there are oil lamps scattered everywhere.

Her Sims are also seen interacting with each other, dressed in Chinese and Malay traditional garments as well.

Watch the video here:

And in one of her recent TikToks, she took inspiration from her own Peranakan heritage. The details are insane.

Check it out here:

@nyonyasimmer 'Orang Cina bukan #Cina, orang #Melayu bukan Melayu ' I'm very proud of my #Peranakan culture. My Sims #Nyonya house is inspired by our rumah moyang in #Penang . . . #Sims4 #Asian #vintagestyle #TS4 #malaysiantiktok #fyp #Malaysian #Simmer #Simstok #simsbuild #babanyonya #simsselves #culture original sound - NyonyaSimmer

Melor, the admin of the account, uses video game modding and expansion packs to custom-make the content used in her gameplay

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via Steam

Mods and expansion packs allow outfits, furniture, decorations, and sometimes even architectural structures that are not in the default settings of the game to be used. The Sims 4 mod community has grown into a large number of talented people, who have made thematic packs similar to what Melor uses in hers.

Melor is one of the many skillful Malaysian Simmers (The Sims players) who have made or used intricately-detailed packs like this, and shared their beautiful creations with the world.

Check out all her videos here.

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